Cake Menu

*Cake Sizes and availability may vary, please contact us for more information

Delice: Chocolate cake with cointreau(french brandy orange flavor), chocolate whip cream filling & chocolate butter cream icing
Raspberry Truffle: Chocolate cake, raspberry liquor, raspberry jam, & chocolate mousse filling with ganche icing
Marquis: Chocolate cake, chocolate bavarian cream, & chocolate whipped cream
Nicois: White cake with layers of apricot preserve, bavarian cream with coulis & fresh seasonal fruit, iced with whip cream & sugar fondant, toasted slivered almonds on the sides
Strawberry Short Cake: White cake, bavarian cream filling with layers of strawberry preserve and fresh strawberries, whipped cream icing and almond slivers on sides
Napoleon: Puff pastry, bavarian cream, fondant sugar top
Cappuccino: Chocolate cake with coffee & chocolate mousse filling, chocolate frosting & croquants on sides
Carrot Cake: Organic grated carrots, pecan & raisin with cream cheese icing(keep refrigerated,but serve at room temp.)
Cheese Cake(New York, Cherry, or Lemon Curd Topping): Graham cracker crust
Tiramisu: Genoise cake, with coffee & kahlua liquor, & chocolate mascaponie cheese filling.
Lemon Seville: White cake with lemon curd filling & lemon mousse icing
Strawberry Tres Leche: Same as our tres leche, but has a layer of dulce de leche & strawberry bavarian cream, iced with whipped cream and white chocolate
Rhum Cake: Genoise sponge cake soaked with rhum, filled with rhum bavarian cream, iced with whipped cream & almonds
Princess Cake: Genoise sponge cake misted with raspberry liquor, layer of raspberry preserve, creme madame with raspberry coulis, iced with whipped cream then covered with a sheet of almond paste
Boston Cream Pie: Two layers of genoise sponge cake misted with orange syrup with a layer of apricot jam & bavarian cream topped with ganache & chocolate shavings
Coconut Cake: Coconut chiffon cake misted with coconut vodka, filled with coconut bavarian cream, iced with whipped cream & covered in shaved coconuts
German Chocolate Cake: Chocolate cake with gooey caramel, pecan & coconut filling & icing
 Gateau Au Chocolate: A dense chocolate walnut cake with rum, topped with raspberry preserve, with ganache & chopped almonds on sides
Passion Fruit Cake: Sponge cake with raspberry jam & bavarian cream, flavored with passion fruit, topped with passion fruit whipped cream
Caprice: Sponge cake with passion fruit syrup & apricot jam, bavarian cream with seasonal fruit, sliced almonds, & whipped cream on the sides
Mocha Cake: Genoise sponge cake with coffee buttercream filling a layer of chocolate ganache, frosted with coffee buttercream & croquant on sides of cake
St. Honorae Cake: Puff pastry circle topped with bavarian cream decorated with caramel choux, a unique traditional french cake
Chocolate Nicois: Chocolate cake, chocolate bavarian cream filling, with coulis & fresh seasonal fruit with a layer of apricot preserve, chocolate whipped cream icing with chocolate sugar fondant, passion syrup, and chocolate curls on the sides
Chocolate Strawberry Shortcake: Chocolate cake, chocolate bavarian cream filling with fresh strawberries, & a layer of apricot preserve, chocolate whipped cream icing, chocolate fondant, passion fruit syrup, & chocolate curls on the sides
Opera Cake: Genoise cake brushed with rum & layered with coffee butter cream, ganache, & topped with melted bittersweet chocolate
Croquembouche: Cream puffs’ filled with bavarian cream & glazed with a crunchy (thin) caramel
Hazelnut Cake: Genoise sponge cake with hazelnut & chocolate mousse & almond paste icing & toasted almond slivers on the side
Black Forest Cake: Chocolate cake with homemade cherry filling, iced with white whipped cream chocolate shavings on the side, brandied cherries on the border