Breads Menu

Baguette (6:30am Mon-Sat & 11am Sun.)- Our most popular bread. Baked throughout the day. Just like in France.

Brioche (Fri. & Sat. 6:30am)- This is one of the most beloved recipes. Very light, tender and full of flavor. This egg & butter bread will brighten any breakfast. Best to order in advance.

Levain(Wed. 2pm & Sat. 12pm)- Mostly whole wheat and natural levain. A traditional bread in the French country side.

Challah(Fri. 12pm)- Our braided loaf. Topped with your choice of sesame, poppy, & mixed seeds or if you prefer raisins inside. Makes great french toast or sandwiches.

Country French(Mon.-Sat. 6:30am)- A blend of whole rye and unbleached flour. Good with soup, salad & cheese.

No Yeast Raisin(Fri. 12pm)- Whole wheat flour with walnuts, raisins and natural levain.

Olive Bread(Fri. & Sat. 7am)- White unbleached flour, olive oil & olives.

Connected Butter Rolls(Tue.-Sat. 6:30am)- A light & soft dinner roll.

Petit Pan(Mon.-Sat. 6:30am)-

Provensal(Mon.-Thurs. 9am & Fri.-Sat. 10:30am)- Flat thick-crusted Italian bread with olive oil.

Rustique(Mon. 8am Tue.-Thurs. 7am Fri.-Sat. 7:30am Sun. 11am)- This bread is baked “on a stone” which will give it a thick crust outside and airy & light texture inside. Made with a “levain” this bread will keep well & makes great toast *comes also in a baguette form.

Sourdough Rye(Tue 11am)- A classic, old fashioned bakery rye with caraway seeds, mild in flavor.

Sourdough Wheat(Tue.-Sat. 6:30am)- All natural sourdough with a blend of whole wheat and unbleached flour.

3-seed(Mon.-Thurs. 9:30am Fri.-Sat. 10am)- Whole wheat and unbleached flour with California raisins and walnuts. Used for our popular Turkey Sandwich.

Swiss Jalapeno Sourdough(Fri.-Sat. 6:30am)- The peppers and swiss cheese gives this bread a provocative & spicy flavor.

Breadsticks(Tue.-Thurs. 9am Fri.-Sat. 10:30am)-

Sunflower Flax(Fri. 12pm)- 90% organic whole wheat with sunflowers & flax seeds. This bread is on the heavier side.

Fresh Milled Rye Lg. or Sm.(1st Tuesday of every month after 5pm)- Traditional German rye bread with fresh milled organic whole rye flour, organic sea salt & natural levain (no yeast)

Porteguese Bread(Wed. 11am Sat. 12pm)- Sweet yeast bread. A great breakfast treat.

Honey Wheat(Tue.-Sat. 9am)- Organic whole wheat with honey & buttermilk. Slices and toasts well.

Pumpernickle(Tue. 9am)- Organic rye flour with molasses & caraway seeds.

Tiers(Mon.-Sat. 6:30am Sun. 11am)- Same as our baguette. Just the right size for sandwiches.