Lemon Tart: Pastry shell, filled with fresh lemon curd

Fruit Tart: Almond pastry shell, filled with bavarian cream or mascarone cheese, topped with assorted seasonal fruits

Strawberry Tart: Homemade almond tart shell with a mascarpone cheese or bavarian cream topped with fresh strawberries

Chocolate Tart: Almond tart shell filled with your choice of dark or milk chocolate mousse

Strawberry Pizza(only available during summer): Sweet almond tart shell with sweetened cream cheese filling topped with a fresh strawberry puree and sliced strawberries

Mini Pastries

DSC_0964 revised

Fruit tarts
Lemon Meringue tarts
Chocolate tarts
carrot cake
NY Cheesecake
Cream Puffs
Opera Cake

*Fillings: Chocolate or Vanilla Bavarian Cream
Topped with Chocolate or Coffee

French Macaroons

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*Butter cream filled macaroons, we do not switch colors or flavors. They are available in the following colors, each color having a specific flavor

Cream- French Vanilla

Green- Chocolate Mint (Ganache Filling)

Brown- Ganache

Pink- Strawberry

Orange- Passion Fruit

Yellow- Lemon

Blue- Blueberry

Tan- Salted Caramel

White with Oreo sprinkles– Cookies and Cream